How to Add Card to Pocket Option Pakistan 2023

Pocket Option is an international broker that provides trading services to traders around the world. Their user-friendly interface makes them perfect for all levels of traders - new or experienced alike.

On this page you can learn about the deposit and withdrawal methods supported by Pocket Option in general.


When you're ready to deposit funds into your account, there are a variety of methods available. The most popular payment options include bank transfers, e-payments and cryptocurrency payments.

Some payment methods can take up to five business days to process due to the payment handling partner needing additional time to verify your account. On the other hand, e-payment methods provide almost instantaneous processing times.

Bank transfers typically take three to seven business days before funds are deposited in your account. This is because the broker's bank must first verify your identity before authorizing the transfer.

Currency conversion fees may apply if traders transfer funds in a different currency than their base currency. The fee amount depends on where you reside and which payment methods you select.

If you need a speedy and secure way to add funds to your Pocket Option Pakistan 2023 account, credit or debit cards are the ideal solution. These cards can be used worldwide and accepted by most major financial institutions.

Another option is using an e-wallet such as PayPal or Skrill. These e-wallets allow both deposits and withdrawals, making them faster than bank transfers but at a higher cost.

You can pay for a subscription to the Pocket Option newsletter with either credit or debit card. While this will cost you a few cents per month, it could be an invaluable resource.

Before making a decision about which payment method is ideal for you, it is essential to do some research. Doing this can help avoid potential scams and guarantee that the account type chosen meets all your requirements.


If you have a credit or debit card, adding it to your Pocket Option account makes withdrawals and deposits quicker. Just keep in mind that if you have an online account with Pocket Option, they may need to verify your identity by providing the card number; this is the only way to ensure your money is credited to your wallet.

On average, the Pocket Option Pakistan 2023 website will let you know if your card is accepted or not. If not, then you must contact your bank and request a new card - usually taking between 24 hours to several days.

The best thing about this site is that it does not charge withdrawal fees to its users, making it an ideal option for traders in the region. Furthermore, there are no deposit limits - you can withdraw as much money as you like.

However, you should remember that some payment systems may add a small fee to your transaction. Therefore, the total cost of your purchase could be higher than expected.

Pocket Option Pakistan 2023 website makes the withdrawal process seamless by offering several methods including e-wallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrency. The e-wallet option in particular can be quite expeditious as it usually gets processed within minutes.

Pocket Option Pakistan 2023 website also provides account management and order placement capabilities, as well as an integrated chat feature that lets users communicate with a member of staff in real-time. This feature can be particularly beneficial to those who are uncertain about their orders or how to place them correctly.

Minimum deposit

A card is one of the most convenient ways to fund your Pocket Option account. However, adding one is simple and takes only a few moments - just remember to pay the minimum deposit amount required before doing so!

To add a card, first navigate to the "Finance" page on the Pocket Option website. There, click "Withdrawals," enter the amount to withdraw, and choose an available withdrawal method.

You must provide the name and address of your financial institution or bank. Once completed, you'll receive an email with a link to complete the transaction. Afterward, use your card to withdraw funds using that same card.

If you're a new user, the customer support team of Pocket Option can assist you. They will guide you through the process and answer any queries that arise.

Furthermore, they will guide you through the process of adding a card to your account. After it has been added successfully, be sure to take good care of it.

Pocket Option offers a minimum deposit of $50. However, if you wish to increase your funds, this amount can easily be increased.

You can add a card to your account using either a debit or credit card, bank transfer, and online payment systems.

Another way to add a card to your account is by sending an email with the card number and banking information. Doing this will guarantee that your money remains safe and secure.

If you have any queries on how to add a card to your account, the customer support team of the website is more than willing to assist. They guarantee a swift resolution to any query.

Alternatively, you can add a card using an app. This is by far the most convenient method as it's accessible from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the app allows you to view your transactions and account balance at any time. Plus, stay up to date on news and market movements with real-time alerts for trades you make.