Getting Started With the CRA My Account Portal

My Account is a secure portal that provides easy access to personal income tax and benefit information so you can manage your tax affairs online.

To get started on the CCR program, you will need to register for a user ID and password.

To register, you will need your Social Insurance Number (SIN), copies of both current and previous year's personal income tax returns, as well as a line number amount from one of these returns.

How do I register for a CRA user ID and password?

CRA My Account website is a secure way to manage your personal income tax and benefit information. Here, you can check balances, make contributions to RRSP and TFSA accounts, as well as access government benefits and credits.

Additionally, it allows you to modify personal details like marital status or home address. Furthermore, you may authorise a representative to access your account.

Registration for a Canada Revenue Agency user ID and password requires providing your personal and business information. You'll need your social insurance number as well as copies of both current and previous year's personal tax returns; the line amount requested may differ between returns, so have each one handy.

Once you have all your information ready, head to the CRA My Account for Individuals website and click on "Register with CRA User ID and Password." This will take you to a page where you can select which service you would like to utilize, then follow the on-screen instructions accordingly.

Next, you will be asked to enter one of the line amounts from your personal tax and benefit returns. Which amount you enter depends on which year you filed those returns for.

After entering this information, you'll be asked to select and answer five security questions. These will be used as identification when logging into your CRA online account.

Once your account registration process is complete, CRA will send you your user ID and password via mail - usually within 10 business days after completing the account registration process. With these credentials, you can sign in using the same account information used for other services (like online banking with CRA) or with your BC Services Card.

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Step 1: Provide personal information

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Step 2: Provide business information

A user-friendly account registration page is an ideal starting point, taking only a few keystrokes to get you set up in no time. A quick scan of receipts should also tell you if your business qualifies for free CRA tax relief programs; using this free service can get you on the road to financial freedom quickly. If you want to save money and keep more of your hard-earned dollars, a few clicks and some handshakes could put your venture on the right path towards success.

Step 3: Receive your CRA user ID and password

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) offers a number of secure online services to help manage and file your tax and benefit information, as well as manage any income tax returns. In order to register for these services, you will need to supply personal and business details. This helps confirm your identity and protects your account from unauthorized access.

Once all necessary information has been provided, you must select a password for your CRA user ID and confirm it. Be sure the chosen password is unique, with no characters that could be used by someone else as it. Additionally, create a Secret Question in case you forget your password.

Signing into My Account with your CRA user ID and password or one of our Sign-In Partners is easy! Just enter your CRA user ID, password, as well as information for the sign-in partner (like MyAlberta Digital ID or BC Services Card). Having a My Account allows you to utilize it for various tax and benefit purposes.

For security, it is recommended to change your password at regular intervals. It is suggested that this be done every four to six months. Furthermore, scanning your computer for malware and installing software updates regularly can help safeguard against having your data compromised.

Once signed in to My Account, you can view your tax and benefit information, file your income tax return, and submit applications for representation or benefits. Furthermore, you can download software that makes these tasks quick and effortless.

Representatives of clients don't need to re-register for a RepID or submit authorization forms. You can use your CRA user ID and password to log into My Account when representing a new client for the first time.

If you own a mobile phone, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) can be used for signing in to My Account. To do this, provide either your cell or landline telephone number and generate an SMS passcode grid. Afterwards, you'll receive an SMS message with the passcode; alternatively, text "stop" to 27223 or reply with "stop" to the message in order to stop receiving further messages containing your passcode.